Stickies Places Colorful Notes on Your PC Screen

Everyone knows about Sticky Notes which are used extensively to leave notes, reminders and messages in offices and homes. They are small square sized stickers of many different colors. We can write notes over these and paste them anywhere we want to leave notes. They use special glue that allows these notes to be removed easily without leaving any residue on the surface.

For the computer screen, there is a software called Stickies that does pretty much the same thing. It places rectangular notes on your screen and allows you to add messages to each of them. After the installation of Stickies on your Windows PC, it places an icon in the notification area of the Windows desktop.


We can double-click on this notification area icon for Stickies and it will place a new note on your screen. We can add/edit its message just like we would in any text editor. If you want to change the properties of any of these notes, we can right-click on them and choose from the options. Once you add a note, they remain on your screen until you delete them. The notes continue to appear even after system reboots.

The notes can be resized, moved to a different positions, hidden, put to sleep for a number of minutes, hours or days, and can be configured to trigger an alarm at a specified time. In addition to the text, we can also add images to these notes. We can also make them show up only when a certain application such as a web browser is launched.


Unlike some other software of the similar kind, Stickies does not hog the system resources at all. It is very light on the computer and allows for a pretty looking reminder notes to be used on any Windows PC. It has tons of features and integrates well with some of the other applications.

You can download Stickies from