Copy Changed Files : Copy Only Modified Files Across Folders

Copy Changed Files is a free software to copy only modified files from one location to another. It can be used to find out all the modified files in a folder and compare them to the previous version of that folder. We can also use this software for making a backup of the files and continue updating the backup of the files.

Copy Changed Files has an easy-to-use user interface. In its window, we have to choose two folders  – a source folder and another destination folder. It is going to compare the contents of these folders and if finds that the files in the source folder are different than the ones in the destination folder, then it will copy them.

Copy Changed Files uses two different methods of comparing files. It can compare files by their content (binary compare) which is very slow. The second method it can use is comparison through the date, time and the size of the files. This method is faster but not very accurate.

Copy Changed Files

Apart from copying the changed files, it can also be made to copy some files irrespective of their changed status. So if you have some files that must be copied in all situations from the source folder to the destination folder, you can use this feature to copy them. In a similar manner, we can also set some files that must be avoided under all conditions. There is an option to skip copying the files if they are too large in size.

We can save the configuration of the whole setup in form of “.setup” files on the local hard drive. These saved configuration files can later be opened and loaded at any later time. We can also make it “autosave” the configuration to the local storage as we close the Copy Changed Files window.

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