Record Screen & Take Screenshots with ChrisPC Screen Recorder

ChrisPC Screen Recorder is a screen capture software for Windows. We can use it to record the screen activities and save them in MP4 videos. We can also use ChrisPC Screen Recorder for taking screenshots of the screen and save them as JPEG images. It also comes with a basic video editor.

After the installation ChrisPC Screen Recorder appears on the screen in form of a small bar. From this toolbar, we can choose to record the screen, take a screenshot or open the settings. From here we can also open a video editor, open the folders where screenshots and videos are saved, or access some of the advanced settings.

When you choose to capture a screenshot, you have to first choose whether you want to capture full-screen, a window or a region on the screen. We can also choose preset resolutions. As you make the selection, it proceeds to record that part of your screen. In case of the screenshots, it saves them in the pre-specified folder.

ChrisPC Screen Recorder

When you have finished recording, the recording opens in a video editor. This is a very basic video editor but allows you to view and cut the recorded video. We can use video editor to trim the video easily. This video editor can also be launched from the ChrisPC Screen Recorder toolbar.

ChrisPC Screen Recorder

In the settings for ChrisPC Screen Recorder, we can choose whether to display countdown before starting the recording of the screen, we can choose the video quality, FPS rate and the encoding rate, the audio codecs used, audio recording device and more.

We can choose to record the mouse cursor movement, highlight the mouse cursor, as well as play a sound whenever the mouse is clicked. This is very useful when we are creating video tutorials about a topic and trying to show how something is done.

ChrisPC Screen Recorder

In the free version of ChrisPC Screen Recorder, it is going to stamp your pictures and videos with watermarks. These watermarks can disappear only if you buy the license for the paid pro version of the software.

You can download ChrisPC Screen Recorder from