CoronaKO : Defeat the Macro Virus in Fun PC Game

The whole world has suffered a great loss because of the current pandemic. These losses are of many different types – economic, social, physical and emotional. While the scientists and doctors are working hard to fight off the various waves of corona virus surge, someone has created a game for PC that takes you to a similar situation.

This PC game is called CoronaKO and is published by the popular SoftwareOK developers. The KO in this title obviously refers to the wrestling term “Knock Out” which is a move or blow that renders the opponent unconscious. After a knock out, the opponent is eliminated from the match. And that is exactly what we are going to do with corona virus in CoronaKO.

The story behind this little game is also very interesting. According to the developer, a rogue state was conducting some hidden experiments with the virus but unfortunately it got out of control. Now they have mutated into macro virus and changed their shape. In this game, you have to eliminate them in just 90 seconds. You have a laser gun and a turbo space glider. You can fly anywhere and use your laser gun to take care of the situation.


The game shows various options as you start it. These options can control the resolution (full-screen or windowed), the sound, rendering mode (low, medium or high), anti-aliasing and brightness. The game is best played with full-screen mode. For moving around you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard. You can also use the WSAD keys for the movement. The laser fun can be aimed using your mouse and the left-click fires the weapon.


The game has many surprises. For example, if you target a virus that is adjacent to others, then it results in a chain reaction one explosions. One virus explodes after another and so on. The game can definitely take your mind off the real pandemic situation for a while.

You can download CoronaKO from