SLK_img2pixel Converts Images into Pixel Art

SLK_img2pixel is a tool that converts images to pixel graphics. It can take any image file as input that could be from any of the popular image file format. It then creates a pixel art image from the input image. If you do not know what pixel art is then you should try playing the old games from early 90s such as Quake 1 and Blood 1.  These older games use pixel graphics to minimize the memory consumption during the gameplay.

SLK_img2pixel is a Windows application that will help us create pixel art from any image file. It supports all the popular image file formats for the input file. It can save the pixel art images as .PNG, .Hex and .GPL. The program does not need installation of any kind and can be run from the extracted archive. The program has a minimal user interface and is extremely easy to use.


In the SLK_img2pixel window, we can load an image file and then tweak some settings to produce the pixel art. It displays the source image and the output image side-by-side so that you can see the difference quickly. In the settings, we can choose or modify the color palette. This color palette is necessary for SLK_img2pixel to work properly. There were also tools to modify the width, height and edit parameters, e.g. gauss, alpha and sharpness, gamma or saturation. We can enable and choose a dithering level.


We can change various effects using their slider bars and see jf how it changes the output as displayed in the preview window. If you are happy with the results, then you can save it as another PNG or any other supported file. In the program there is a “special” section, there is a possibility to load and save GIF animations too.

You can download SLK_img2pixel from