Czkawka : Find Duplicates, Similar Files and Empty Folders

Czkawka is a comprehensive application that can be used to find duplicate files, similar files, big files, temporary files, zeroed files, similar music files and empty folders. It is available as a portable program and works on Windows, macOS and Linux. It has been designed using the Rust programming language which makes it not only very fast but also a very memory safe application.

Czkawka has a user interface that packs all the features on the same screen which also makes it very convenient for the users of all levels. In the Czkawka window, we have to add all the directories that we want to scan. We can add them by clicking on the Add button and then picking them, or we can add them by manually typing their full path. We can also choose whether the selected folders are to be searched recursively.


There are some search criteria that we can configure from the Czkawka window. We can choose a method used for finding identical files – file hash, hash of only the first mebibyte (hashmb), file size or file name. We can choose hash algorithm used for comparing files – Blake3, CRC32, or XXH3.

After picking the one or more folders and setting up the search options, we can click on the Search button. It will take only a few seconds to find all sorts of files and put them in the list. You can select categories from the left such as duplicate files, empty directories, big files, empty files etc., to see all the files under that category.

For all the selected files, we can perform all the basic file operations such as delete them or copy them to an alternate location. You can also create symlinks for the selected files using the various actions available from the Czkawka window.

You can download Czkawka from