FutureMark SystemInfo : Run Quick Diagnosis on PC Hardware

FutureMark SystemInfo is a component of the FutureMark benchmarking software. It is used to run quick diagnosis on the PC hardware and running processes to identify the system hardware for benchmarking. Even though the main goal of the SystemInfo software is to prepare XML report for utilization by the FutureMark benchmarking software such as 3DMark or PCMark, we can use it to create diagnosis report for our own use.

SystemInfo is designed to work with other FutureMark software so you won’t find its direct shortcuts after installing it on your Windows PC. You will have to find its folder in the C:\Program Files\FutureMark folder from where you can execute it.

FutureMark SystemInfo

In the SystemInfo window, you can choose to run a number of tests such as “Collect SystemInfo Data”, “Collect Monitoring Data”, “Collect Direct Query” and “Troubleshoot”. These tools run for a few seconds or minutes depending on your system and then generate an XML report. This XML report can be viewed in any web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

FutureMark SystemInfo

Under the “Advanced” tab, we can configure how these tests are run. We can choose the monitoring time intervals and number of samples that are to be collected. We can also choose the components to be used to be used for the tests. These components can be used for single-threaded, multi-threaded and direct queries such as CPU info, battery info, memory info, motherboard info, monitor info, operating system info, storage device info, CPUID info and more.

FutureMark SystemInfo

As we choose to run any of these tests, it also logs all the events related to running the tests. The logged events are displayed in a separate log window. These events can be useful in understanding how the tests were run and how much time it took to finish the whole process.

You can download FutureMark SystemInfo from https://benchmarks.ul.com/systeminfo.