Epic Games Weekly Giveaway : Horizon Chase Turbo

Epic games store is giving away two games this week. One of these games is a racing game called “Horizon Chase Turbo”. It is a racing game that looks like Need for Speed from early 90s. However, this game was released in 2018 and certainly has better graphics.

Horizon Chase Turbo has all the races that you would want from a racing game. It offers 12 racing events, 48 ​​different cities, more than a hundred tracks, dozens of cars and many upgrades. The game has very nice background music and also beautiful race tracks. It can keep you engaged for hours even though the graphics are not realistic like that of the top racing games.

Horizon Chase Turbo

As you play this game, you will feel like you are back in the 90s. If you have ever played Need for Speed 2 or 3, you will start feeling that nostalgia despite the fact that Horizon Chase Turbo has smoother graphics. And then on some tracks, you get the feeling of playing Sports Car GT. In fact, the game developers use the tagline – “racing game inspired by the great hits of 80s and 90s” for this game.

Another old fashioned feature that has been incorporated in this game is the local multiplayer mode which you seldom see these days. In the local multiplayer mode, 2 or more players can race their cars by using te keyboard or separate game controllers on the same PC. This game allows up to a maximum of four players in the multiplayer mode.

Horizon Chase Turbo

Even though the game was first released in the year 2018, it has very basic system requirements. Your PC has to have 2 GB RAM and a processor like Intel Core 2 Duo. This means that any PC released after 2005 would be able to run this game properly.

You can grab a free copy of “Horizon Chase Turbo” from https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/horizon-chase-turbo.