Mailtrack : Find if Recipient has Opened Email Message

After sending an email to one of your friends, coworkers or promising clients, you start waiting for their reply hoping that they have read your email message within a few minutes after you sent it. But how to you really know if they have actually opened that email message ?

Mailtrack for Chrome browser addresses this problem easily. It works for only Gmail and only in the Chrome web browser. So if you send email messages using Gmail in the Chrome browser, it is a very useful extension to have for you.

After installing Mailtrack in your Chrome browser, you do not really have to do anything but send email messages just like before. However, in the Gmail interface you will find a small difference. Each of the email messages sent will display one or two checkmarks in front of them.

Any email message that you have sent and that has been received on the other end, will display one green checkmark. When the recipient opens the email message, it will display two green checkmarks. In addition, you will also be shown if the recipient has opened the email message multiple times – one time, two times, three times or more.


The way Mailtrack works is that it embeds a small HTML element in the email message that you are sending. When the recipient opens the email message, that remote HTML element is accessed and this is how we find out that the email was opened.

Mailtrack is free and claims that no data is shared with the third-party. It is a very useful tool if you really want to find out when the email message has been opened. However, if the recipient is using an email client that does not allow remote elements to be accessed then it is going to fail.

You can get the Mailtrack extension for the Chrome web browser from