How to Reset all of the Vivaldi Translate Settings

In the latest version of the Vivaldi web browser, they have added a new translation feature that does not depend on the internet giants such as Google or Microsoft. Vivaldi manages to translate the webpages automatically using their own in-house Vivaldi Translate. This feature is based on the technology provided by Lingvanex and boasts of respecting your privacy without collecting any user data while it translates the web pages.

Vivaldi Translate works in much the same fashion as other popular translation services such as Google Translate or Microsoft Translate. When you visit a webpage that is in a foreign language, it asks you for translation in your language. When you confirm for the translation, it does the translation quickly.

Vivaldi Translate

Vivaldi Translate can be configured to auto-translate pages in a certain language such as French. So whenever you visit any website in French, it won’t ask you again for confirmation and will translate the website automatically. Similarly, you can also make it avoid translation of certain websites.

If you won’t to clean the slate and remove all the translation configurations for various sites that you used before, then you can simply reset all the Vivaldi Translate settings from within the Vivaldi web browser. Here is how it can be done:

  1. Launch Vivaldi web browser and then press Ctrl+F12 to open its settings. Alternatively, you can click on the Vivaldi icon on the top-left corner and select Settings from the menu that appears.
  2. Select General category from the left in the Vivaldi settings window.
  3. Scroll down until you locate option for “Automatically offer to translate webpages”. Underneath, there is a button labeled Reset Translation Settings to Default. Click on this button.Reset Vivaldi Translate Settings
  4. This is it, now you have reset all the Vivaldi Translate settings. You can close the Vivaldi settings window and keep using Vivaldi just like before.

Vivaldi Translate is a really fast alternative to other translation services. In my opinion, it is really fast because it is hosted on the Vivaldi servers.