How to Enable Mail, Calendar, Feeds and Contacts in Vivaldi Browser

The new version of the Vivaldi web browser, version 4.0, comes with many new features. Some of these features are labeled as productivity features which include an email client built right inside the Vivaldi web browser, contacts and calendar that work seamlessly with the email client. It also packs a feeds feature using which we can fetch the latest updates from all the websites through their RSS/Atom feeds.

Not only you can configure Vivaldi Mail with your existing email accounts, but you can also get a brand new email account over the domain and It supports all the popular email services such as GMail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL etc., out of the box.

Here is how you can quickly enable all these productivity features in Vivaldi browser:

  1. Launch Vivaldi and click on the Vivaldi icon to open the menu. From the menu, you can select Settings. An alternative to this is using the hotkey Ctrl+F12.Enable Vivaldi Mail
  2. In the settings window, select the General category from the left.
  3. Scroll down to the very bottom and then select Enable Mail, Calendar and Feeds from the Productivity Features section.Enable Vivaldi Mail
  4. The icons of the new features will be available from the panel immediately. These include mail, calendar, feeds and contacts.Enable Vivaldi Mail

This one move from the developers of Vivaldi web browser is sufficient enough to attract thousands of the Mozilla Firefox fans over to Vivaldi. At present, there are so many people all over the world who use Mozilla Firefox along with Mozilla Thunderbird to enjoy a beautiful combination of a secure web browser and a powerful email client. But now with Vivaldi web browser packing a full-fledged email client right inside the web browser itself is going to make Firefox users think. Why install two different software, when one can do the job and does it beautifully.