Mobile Master : Sync Mobile Phone Contents with PC

Mobile Master is a software for synchronizing the contents of your mobile phones with that on your PC. It can be used to backup your mobile phone contents or copy the contents from your old mobile phone to your new mobile phone. It can backup and sync all sorts of files – videos, audio, pictures, contacts, messages, apps and more. It can work with all sorts of mobile phones, old or new, running on a number of operating systems and manufactured by a large number of manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Apple and more.

It offers a wizard like interface for establishing a connection to a new phone. When the connection has been established, you can view all the contents and files of that phone from the convenience of your desktop PC. From the Mobile Master interface, we can transfer files in both directions – from mobile to PC and from PC to the mobile phone.

For backing up the files or for synchronizing the files, we can select a connected phone, choose the files or other mobile settings and then sync them or backup them. Everything is done only in a matter of minutes. it has a special feature called “Copy Station” which is a tool to copy all the contents from your old phone to your newly bought phone. This way you do not have to manually transfer the contacts, messages and other things from your old phone.

Mobile Master

In addition to a comprehensive software for synchronizing the PC with your mobile phone, an SMS sender is also integrated in this program using which you can send text message right from your desktop PC. Similarly, you can manage your calendar and contact entries conveniently on your PC and then transfer them to your mobile phone with just a few clicks.

In addition, pictures, ring tones or MP3 files can be exchanged across the devices. These can be easily sorted into suitable folders using built-in filters. So if you like a ringtone from your friend’s phone, you can copy it to your own phone using Mobile Master.

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