Quip : Seamless Collaboration on Documents Online

Quip is a productivity software suite for teams that are working on a project online. It is easiest solution for sharing and collaborating on all sorts of files such as to-do lists, press releases, financial statements and other documents. Quip is available for both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Quip allows you to create lists, documents and spreadsheets. These documents are shared with the team directly. There is an associated chat for each document so that you can discuss about that document with the other members of your team. Using this convenient chat, you and your co-workers can exchange ideas and share new solutions. It is also possible to discuss with individuals instead of the whole team.

Quip is known for its high speed. It achieves this speed by syncing all the documents to the local hard drive. Since all the documents in their current version are already synced, they can be accessed instantly without waiting for any downloads.

Quip for Desktop

Quip does not want you to wait for the online connection. Even if you go offline for some reason, you can continue to modify and make changes the documents. You can also send messages to the other members of the team. As soon as your internet connection is restored, it will sync with the changes offered by other members of the team and send the messages. The transition between being online and offline is completely seamless and you won’t even notice when you went offline.

Like the iOS and Android versions , the desktop version of Quip (available for Windows and macOS) now also allows you to work offline on the desktop. The desktop version of Quip will also send you notifications when someone sends you a message which appear near the notification area of the desktop.

You can download Quip desktop software or mobile app from https://quip.com/.