Moin11 : Check Your PC’s Compatibility for Windows 11

When Microsoft announced Windows 11 on the 24th June of this year, everyone got excited about the free upgrade to the new version of Windows. But the excitement didn’t last long as Microsoft made it clear that Windows 11 has some new requirements for installation. Furthermore, if your device does not have a front HD camera then Windows 11 won’t be supported on it after 2023.

We have already posted about how to check whether your PC is ready for Windows 11 using PC Health Check tool from Microsoft, and how to find PC compatibility with Windows 11 using open-source WhyNotWin11. Now there is yet another similar tool called Moin11 which is also able to check whether your PC is ready for Windows 11 upgrade. According to developer Moin in German means Hello. This means the app is trying to welcome Windows 11.

Moin11 is portable application and does not require installation. When launched it carefully analyzes your system and its hardware. It takes a few minutes before displaying you all the results in its window. It displays information about the CPU, boot type (BIOS or UEFI), disk partition type (MBR or GPT), system RAM, screen size, storage, free space, TPM requirement, DirectX and WDDM2.


If any of these components pass the test then they are shown with a green color. Any component that passes the test but is not really directly recommended by Microsoft then it is shown with a yellow color. A component that fails to meet the requirement is displayed in the red color.

If you want, there is a feature built inside Moin11 to take the screenshot of its window capturing all its contents. If you are using a desktop computer, then you can take the screenshot to the local computer shop and they will give you proper suggestions as to which components can be upgraded. In the case of laptops, upgrading the motherboard is not possible.

You can download Moin11 from