Record Screen or Webcam Using Screen Recorder is an online web app that allows anyone to record their screen, webcam or both easily. Since it is a web app, there is no need to install any software on your system. However, for this web app to work you have to use a modern web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Vivaldi or Opera.

When we visit the Veed online screen recorder in any of these desktop web browser, it shows four options for recording – record screen & webcam, record screen only, record webcam only or record audio only. When you choose any of these options, your web browser will prompt for recording permissions so that can access your microphone and webcam.

It displays a preview of the selected layout and you can click on the record button to start recording the video. We can also change the layout from here and choose a different set of microphone, audio input or webcam source. If you have more than one webcams attached, only then you will be able to access the list of webcams. Screen Recorder

When you stop the recording, it will take you to the screen from where you can either save the video file in the MP4 format or edit it. The editing is also done online through another web app offered by which is also very easy to use. Screen Recorder

The video editing app appears to be similar to any other offline video editing software with the benefit that you do not have to install anything. It has tools like adding subtitles, text, elements, filters, drawing, resizing, adding external audio or video files and more. The finished project can be exported in form of MP4 video file. Screen Recorder

The free version of screen recorder has some limitations. It can record only 10 minutes long video or a 50 MB video file. In addition, it places a watermark on the videos. To remove all these limitations, you can subscribe to a basic or a pro plan. In the basic plan, the maximum recording length of a single video is 25 minutes and in the pro plan, the maximum recording length is 2 hours.

You can start recording your screen or webcam by visiting