Sapphire TriXX : Unleash the Power of Sapphire Graphics Cards

Sapphire TriXX is an all-around software for overclocking, customizing and controlling the Sapphire graphics cards. Using this one software we can find detailed information about the Sapphire graphics cards, monitor various sensors, boost its performance, check the health of cooling fans and customize the LED lights that come with these cards.

As anyone can guess, this software works only with Sapphire graphics cards. You can find the list of supported cards on their website. As we launch the software, it displays all the information that can find about the graphics card and the software. We can save the current BIOS and load soft-BIOS. We can also see the current GPU clock, GPU temperature, memory clock, GPU load and the GPU voltage.

Sapphire TriXX

If you want to see full graphs showing the various things related to GPU, then you can switch to the Hardware Monitor tab. It displays dynamically changing graphs displaying GPU clock, memory clock, GPU temperature, GPU hotspot temperature, fan speed in percentage, fan speed in RPM, GPU load, memory controller load etc.

From under the TriXX Boost, we can choose where we want much more robust performance or better quality using a slider control. We can play games at a higher FPS by reducing the rendering the resolution. And on the other hand, we can get better quality by reducing the FPS. Even when we desire higher FPS, the image resolution can be improved using Radeon Image Sharpening technology.

Sapphire TriXX

When you have been running your gaming computer 24×7 for many months, the cooling fans are subjected to all the heat and the dust. The combination of heat and dust can damage the cooling performance of these fans. This is when the cooling fans either need servicing or replacement. Using the Fan Health Check, we can quickly find out whether such servicing is required.

Nitro Glow feature of Sapphire TriXX displays the Sapphire logo in a color of your choice. We can customize it to any RGB color, to a rainbow color, change it brightness, color changing speed etc. We can also completely turn it off.

Sapphire TriXX is definitely an indispensable software for all the gamers who have Sapphire graphics cards in their systems. It can overclock and customize your Sapphire card very easily.


You can download Sapphire TriXX from