Hasleo Backup Suite Free : Backup & Clone Disks and Partitions

Hasleo Backup Suite is a free Windows backup software. It can be used to backup disks, partitions, hard drives etc. It can even clone any partition including the Windows installation partition (system partition) or any kinds of storage drive.

When we launch Hasleo Backup Suite, it shows options to start a new backup task or to restore the partitions from a backup image. If we choose to start a new backup, we are given two options – system backup and disk/partition backup. System backup allows the complete and full backup of the Windows installation to an image file. Similarly, we can use the disks/partition backup to create backup images of any disks or partitions.

When it comes to backup, we can choose to make it an incremental or a differential backup task. The backup images can be password protected so that nobody else can extract files from them. The backup images can also be compressed to save the storage space. Similarly, we can split the backup images into smaller files so they can fit on storage media. Smaller backup images are also easy to copy or upload to the internet.

Hasleo Backup Suite Free

Hasleo Backup Suite comes with many useful tools that make working with it much easier. It comes with an emergency disk, can be added to the boot menu, can securely erase the entire drives, rebuild MBR of your hard drives and so on.

Hasleo Backup Suite is an ideal tool for migrating your system to a different computer or for upgrading your hard disk drive to a solid state drive. For migration, we can simply create a backup image of the Windows installation partition and then restore it on the target new drive.

Hasleo Backup Suite Free

It can also act a defense against malware infection as we can restore the known clean system from the system backup image quickly in the event of malware infection.

You can download Hasleo Backup Suite Free from https://www.hasleo.com/.