SwissTransfer : Quickly Send Large Files Online

If you want to send a very important file to a coworker or a friend, then you cannot use the usual email attachment method. This is because not many email server allow files as large as 50 GB. But with the help of an online app called SwissTransfer, we can quickly send very large files to anyone through a simple link.

SwissTransfer is available in form of a web app and also as web browser extensions. In either case, it lands you on a webpage where you have to start by adding your files. You can add one or more than one files to the list. The total size of all the files should not exceed 50 GB.


In the sending options, you have two choice – send an email message or get a link. In the former, you have to enter your email address and that of the recipient along with a message. In the latter case, you simply get a link which you can share with your friends through email message or social networking.

In both cases, you are allowed to set some security options. For example, you can set a download limit which is 1000 by default. Once a file has been viewed or downloaded that many times, it will be removed by SwissTransfer.


Similarly, you can set an expiry time which is 30 days by default. After that time has passed, the file link becomes disabled and does not work anymore. Furthermore, the link to the file can also be password protected. In the case of the password protection, you have to share the password with the recipient so that they can download it by entering the correct password.


What is most impressive about this large file sharing web app is that SwissTransfer does not require you to create any accounts. You can share files without creating any account and stay completely anonymous.

You can download SwissTransfer from