FileSeek : Search PC for Files Through Regular Expressions

Windows comes with a file searching function of its own. This Windows search uses file indexing for quickly finding files that you are looking for. But you can make the file searching even much faster using a third-party application called FileSeek.

FileSeek is a freeware application for Windows which can be used as powerful search engine for files on your computer. To look for the files you want to find, all you have to do is choose the location to search and enter the queries in the search field. You can use simple queries containing names of files using wildcards or you can use regular expressions.

FileSeek allows searching both in the local hard drives and the networked paths. To find the relevant files, we have to first choose a target path within which you want to search. For through searching, we can choose entire hard drives. For saving time, we can select specific folders. We can narrow down the search area further by excluding certain paths which will be ignored during the search.


To make the search quicker, we can not only ignore some of the paths, but we can also specify the filenames containing certain extensions using wild cards. For example, we can either include certain types of files in the file search or we can ignore all files of certain extension. Each of the file search can be saved for later use.

FileSeek comes with some of the very advanced search settings. We can make the search case-sensitive, filter the search results by file modification date and the file size. We can also set time that would be spent on searching files of a certain kind after which it moves on to search of other type of files. It is a really very advanced file searching utility for Windows.

You can download FileSeek from