Vooki : Fast and Lightweight Image Viewer for Windows, Linux and Mac

Even though Windows operating system comes with more than one image viewer of its own, some of the Windows users want to have a lightweight image viewer that opens images really fast. Nobody want to wait for many minutes while the image viewer application is loading. We all want an image viewer that displays the image on the screen as soon as we double-click on the image file.

If you are looking for a really fast and lightweight image viewer, then you should try Vooki. This image viewer can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac. For Windows PC, the program is also available in a portable version.

Instead of adding hundreds of features in the image viewer, Vooki targets to be a minimal image viewer. You will find only those features that are most commonly used by everyone. It has a simple user interface and as such it is also very easy to use for everyone.


Among the various features that it offers, we can transform the image (rotate, flip or zoom), fit the loaded image to the window size, fit the image to its height, fit the image to the width, view the image in full-screen mode, change the window background color, change the window border color and more. On Apple Mac, you can use the trackpad gestures to go back and forth when viewing through an image collection.

When it comes to hotkeys, Vooki offers a large set of key combinations for all the supported operations. These hotkeys are uniform on all the supported platforms which makes is very convenient for the users who want to use Vooki on more than one platform.

Vooki Image Viewer supports a large number of image file formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, HEIC and dozens more. It consumes minimal amount of system resources and is very easy to use.

You can download Vooki Image Viewer from https://github.com/vookimedlo/vooki-image-viewer.