Split Large Files into Small Ones with Splitter Light

Splitter Light is a small tool for Windows computers using which we can split large files into small files. When creating small files, it can also create a batch script file using which all the smaller files can once again be joined together into the original large file.

Splitter Light has a unique elliptic user interface. In its window, we can to choose two things – first a file or folder that has to be split into smaller files. And second we have to choose a destination folder where all the smaller files will be kept.

For the splitting purposes, it has options to define the size of each small file or part. It can be anything that a user defines in terms of kB, MB or GB. You can also pick predefined sizes in terms of 1.44MB (Floppy Disk), 650 MB (CD), 4.7 GB (single-layer DVD) and so on.

Splitter Light

There are options to copy the Splitter EXE to the output folder so that anyone can use it later to join all the small parts into the original file. You can also create a batch script file for joining all the files. After this you can click on the Split button to start the splitting process.

If you are splitting a really very large file (such as Windows 10 installation ISO image file which is 6 GB in size) into many parts, then it may take a long time. You can always press ESC key on your keyboard to interrupt the splitter operation in the middle.

Splitter Light

In case you are joining the part files together, you have to choose the first part file from all the smaller part files, choose a destination folder and then click on the Join button. There are no options for joining the files. If you want to clean the part files after joining them, then you have to it manually.

You can download Splitter Light from https://www.martinstoeckli.ch/splitter/splitter.html.