Xvast Browser : Fast Chromium-Based Browser with DRM Support

Xvast is a Chromium-based web browser that offers security and speed with the advantage of latest DRM support. Because of the support for DRM-X 4.0 protection, we can watch all the DRM protected content from any of the streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and more.

It is based on the Chromium web browser so it is really very fast. In addition, the developers have also removed some of the features making it lighter and faster. They have removed all the ability to add extensions which makes is both fast and secure. There is no chance that you or any application can install any sort of extension in the Xvast web browser.

Xvast web browser has full support for the latest HTML 5.0 technologies. It comes with features such as Playlist and PDF viewer with DRM support. You can access the Playlist feature from the browser menu. In the playlist we can add media files including both the videos and audio files. The playlist can also be accessed from the chrome://playlist address.

Xvast web browser

This web browser makes full use of the DRM protection and supports HTML5 DRM video protection. This includes high-definition video playback for both offline and online videos. It also includes HTML webpage encryption, PDF encryption, image encryption, and JavaScript encryption.

Xvast web browser is available not only for the Windows operating system. It is also available for Android, Mac, and iOS. For each of these platforms, the web browser website provides tutorials and how-to articles. It also features frequently asked questions so that the user will most likely have no problems using the various feature provided by the Xvast web browser.

Xvast web browser

Xvast is a very fast and secure web browser. It uses the no-extension approach which makes it fast but also limits the usability of the browser to playing online streaming content. However, it supports the latest DRM technologies and is very adapt at opening the DRM protected content of all kinds.

You can download Xvast web browser from https://www.xvast.com/.