Atlas VPN for Android : Unlimited and Free VPN Proxy

If you value your privacy online, then you have to start using a VPN proxy on your devices. A good VPN proxy hides your actual IP address, encrypts your online connection and avoids any know malicious domains from loading. Depending on the VPN services, they may also offer additional features such as blocking not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content.

Atlas VPN is such a VPN proxy that can be used on your Android devices. It is a new VPN proxy service that is available for many platforms including Android. It comes with many VPN server locations, is completely free and provides unlimited bandwidth for everyone.

After installing Atlas VPN on your Android devices, you can simply launch it and then tap on the “Press to connect” graphic. The graphic appears like we have to drag it from left to right, but just tapping on it works. In a few seconds, it will connect your device to a remote VPN server and then the icon will turn green with a label – “Your connection is protected”.

Atlas VPN for Android

Before attempting a connection, you can also choose a remote VPN server for connecting to. You can also choose “Get Optimal Connection which automatically selects the best VPN server for your device. If you want to change the serve again, then you can tap on the list of the servers and choose another server.

Atlas VPN for Android

Among the settings for Atlas VPN, you can find features such as Tracker Blocker and Data Breach monitor. Tracker blocker can block some of the domains that are known to track a user’s online activity. The data breach monitor can find out if your online accounts have been found to be in any of the massive data breach leaks. Mozilla Firefox also offers a similar service called Firefox Monitor.

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