EncryptPad : Notepad with Powerful Built-in Encryption

Microsoft Windows comes with a basic text editor called Notepad. It can help you create, edit and save plain text files very easily. But sometimes, we have sensitive data that we want to hide from everyone’s eye. This data cannot be saved in plain text files for the sake of privacy reasons.

If you want a text editor just like Microsoft Notepad but with added encryption features, then you can depend upon EncryptPad. This is an open-source text editor that can be used to save text files in encrypted format. The file format that EncryptPad uses is EPD which can only be opened in this text editor. It can also save the files in OpenPGP compliant GPG file format.

When using EncryptPad, you have to first create a pass-phrase and then an encryption key. The pass phrase is used to be able to use the program itself while the key is used for all the encryption and decryption purposes. If you lose this key file, then you won’t be able to decrypt any files encrypted through EncryptPad.


While EncryptPad is essentially a text editor, it comes with a feature that can be used to encrypt basically any type of file such as PDF documents, image files, audio or video files. Just like the EPD files, these can also be decrypted in a similar manner.

For encrypting just about any type of file, you have to select File Encryption from the menubar. Then choose an input file, pass phrase and the key file. Clicking on the Start button will initiate the encryption. The encryption file target can be of three types EPD, ASC and GPG.


As far as the encryption used by the EncryptPad program is concerned, it is highly secure as it uses very powerful ciphers like TripleDES, CAST5, AES, AES192, AES256, Camellia128, Camellia192, Camellia256, Twofish. These can be changed from the key file properties. By changing the key file settings, you can change the cipher used by EncryptPad.


EncryptPad is a lightweight, portable and efficient text editor with powerful encryption features. It uses dual layers of protection – pass phrase as well as a key file for securing your files. It is highly recommended for protecting your sensitive files and data.

You can download EncryptPad from https://evpo.net/encryptpad/.