How to Archive Your Chats on WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp is a really popular messenger and video call app for various platforms. It is available for Android and iOS but can also be accessed from a web browser with limited features by visiting Using WhatsApp, you can chat with any person who also has a WhatsApp account.

When you have dozens of chats going on WhatsApp, it may become a little disorganized. This is when you can archive a less important chat. When you archive a chat, you do not receive any notifications from it. You can later unarchive an archived chat and continue with the conversation like before.

This is how you can archive your chats on WhatsApp for Android:

  1. Launch WhatsApp app on your Android smartphone. Enter your unlock code if you have to and you will be shown a list of all of your text conversations (chats).
  2. Long tap on any chat that you want to archive to view more options.WhatsApp Archive Chats
  3. When new options appear near the top of your screen, select Archive icon from there.
  4. You will see “Archived” added to the list of the chats. This contains all the archived chats for you.

If at any later stage, you want to restore or un-archive any of your chats, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch WhatsApp and then tap on the Archived in the list of all of your active chats.
  2. You will see a list of all the archived chats. Select one of the chats that you want to un-archive or restore.WhatsApp Archive Chats
  3. From the options that appear on the top, select Unarchive icon. The selected chat will be sent back to the list of active chats from where you can open it and continue with the conversation.

Archiving a chat gives you much more cleaner space in the list of chats if you are chatting with dozens of people everyday. It is really helpful in keeping your WhatsApp chats well organized.