How to Disable Desktop Background on Windows 11

As expected Windows 11 has many unique features that are going to be very useful for many users. One of such features is related to the desktop background images. Using this feature, you can disable desktop background from being set. This is very useful if you are having an issue with someone setting desktop wallpapers on your PC and you do not like the wallpaper images.

So if you want to disable the desktop background on Windows 11 then you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the hotkey Win+I to open the Windows settings. You can also click on Start and then the cogwheel icon to do the same.
  2. In the settings window, select Accessibility.Disable Desktop Background on Windows 11
  3. From the accessibility section, select Display.Disable Desktop Background on Windows 11
  4. From the Display screen, select the toggle button Show desktop background image to turn off this setting.Disable Desktop Background on Windows 11
  5. You can check by pressing the hotkey Win+D that your Windows desktop background has been removed and is replaced by solid color.

When you have disabled desktop background on Windows, your desktop will have a solid color of your choice. You can change this solid color by right-clicking anywhere on your desktop and choosing Personalization. This will take you to the Windows settings from where you can choose a solid background color.

Anytime in the future if you want to set a background for your Windows desktop then you can easily remove this setting. For this, you can simply retrace all of your steps only this time you will be enabling the Show desktop background image setting in the step 4 above.

The difference between this setting that makes use of the accessibility features and choosing a solid color instead of a picture from the Windows desktop personalization settings is that even third-party programs won’t be able to set any desktop background image for your Windows 11 PC in this case.