Epic Games Store Giveaway : Victorian Era Game “Ironcast”

Like clockwork Epic Games store is once again giving away a new game. This time it is a Victorian era game called Ironcast. This game takes you back to the Victorian era where gentlemen wore business suits with hats, walked the streets carrying a stick and had butlers. The ladies of the era also wore glamorous hats and wore bonnets. They did not have automobiles back then and took horse carts everywhere. One had to be careful of horse riders going very fast when crossing the streets.

This game take you back to those days of the past with a twist. The game is inspired by Victorian era science-fiction and you have the chance to be a warrior in a war defending the Victorian era Britain against the enemy. The army does not consist of horses and chariots. Rather the army is made of walking seven feet tall mechanical vehicles that are controlled by human beings sitting inside them. These robots lookalike vehicles are called Ironcast. Both the ladies and the gentlemen of the Victorian England are going to control these Ironcasts. You can choose an Ironcast commander from Aeres Powell, William Beechwood, Halisi Adoyo, and Walter H Kylock.


The game requires properly planned strategy to win. Based on the situation, you have to decide whether you are going to defend or attack. When you feel like a barrage of the incoming weapon fire, then you have to choose to defend. Similarly, when you have to weaken the opponent, you can choose to attack the army.

The game does not have very demanding system requirements. It can even run on a Windows XP system having 2 GB RAM and a medium level Intel Atom processor.

You can claim a free copy of Ironcast by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/ironcast. The giveaway is going to last until the end of this week.