How to Download TikTok Videos for Offline Use with SnapTik

TikTok (previously Musically) is a very popular user created content sharing app. People from all over the world create videos and share them with others easily through TikTok. It is available as an Android app, as an Apple iOS app and also as a web app. You can watch these videos through the comfort of your web browser or on your smartphone sitting anywhere outdoors.

Is it legal?

TikTok app itself allows users to download their videos so it is perfectly legal to download your own content. However, if you want to your TikTok videos using another app then you can depend on another Android app called SnapTik. This app can store TikTok videos offline for your watching anytime you desire. SnapTik is also available as a web app which can be used on any desktop computer.


Very easy to use

The basic operation of both the web app and the Android app is exactly the same. You have to find the URL of the TikTok video that you want to watch offline. You have to then visit SnapTik website ( in your web browser and enter the TikTok video URL in the specified text field. Now you can click on the button next to the text field to proceed. After a few seconds, SnapTik will give you three-four options. You can choose any of these to save the TikTok videos for watching later.


Does not use TikTok API

TikTok app itself allows users to download their videos and also provides API to access their features and for use from third-party sites and apps. Through the use of this API we can save the TikTok videos offline and share them over social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

SnapTik does not use the TikTok API but uses their own in-house methods to fetch TikTok videos for you. This is why you do not even have to enter your TikTok login details.


SnapTik can be useful when you want to download your own content from TikTok but do not want any watermarking on your videos. SnapTik can help you download your own content without any watermarks.

You can get SnapTik for Android from Google Play store at