WinPass11 : Bypass Hardware Requirements for Installing Windows 11

Windows 11 is the new version of the flagship operating system from Microsoft. The first thing everyone learned about Windows 11 after it was announced by Microsoft was that it is going to have higher hardware requirements. Consequently some of the computers running Windows 10 might not be able to upgrade to Windows 11. Two of these requirements are SecureBoot and TPM 2, where a bit older computers get disqualified for the Windows 11 upgrade.

Now someone has come up with an easy to use tool called WinPass11 using which you can bypass these hardware requirements and install Windows 11 on your PC even if it lacks SecureBoot or TPM 2. But other requirements should be complied with because if you cannot really run Windows 11 without a decent CPU and large enough RAM.

Using WinPass11 is very easy. It works on Windows 10 computers where automatic updates is enabled. You have to first try upgrading to Windows 11 when it becomes available. If the upgrade fails citing missing TPM 2.0 and SecureBoot features, then you should fire up WinPass11.

WinPass Guided Installation of Windows 11

It has a wizard like user interface which takes you to a guided tour of Windows 11 installation. At each step, it will explain what you should do, which button you should click and what is going to happen next. Two steps are of importance – when it applies registry tweaks and when it replaces the AppraiserRes.dll file.

Of course, the Windows 11 upgrade will continue after you have gone through all the steps in WinPass11. You must have a good internet connection for the whole process as Windows 11 installation files are downloaded which means many GB of download. For installing Windows 11, you also need internet connection without which it fails to proceed any further.

WinPass Guided Installation of Windows 11

We tried it to install Windows 11 Home edition on a computer that lacked TPM 2.0 but had SecureBoot. It worked flawlessly and the PC now is running Windows 11 smoothly.

You can download WinPass11 from


  1. There is no TPM 2.0 Requirement ,I have installed Windows 11 more than 5 Pc (older than 10 years and non of then had tpm) and don’t used any tool , I don’t understnad how people achieve Not installing windows 11 Normally , is this TPM requirement a JOKE ?

    1. It is required when upgrading using Windows Automatic Updates from within Windows 10. But if you download ISO and create bootable media, then you can install through it without TPM 2.0 or SecureBoot (atleast for now).

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