How to Enable or Disable Automatic Updates in Vivaldi

Just like Firefox and Chrome, now Vivaldi has also adopted the policy of installing automatic updates for the web browser. Starting with the version 4.1, Vivaldi web browser comes with a feature to download and install updates automatically. According to a blog post by Vivaldi, these are going to be silent updates and the users will no longer have to click on anything to proceed with the downloading and updating process. They also mention that if you are not a fan of automatic updates, then you can disable them easily.

Toggle Vivaldi automatic silent updates

Here is how you can disable (or enable) the automatic updates in the Vivaldi web browser:

  1. Launch Vivaldi web browser, click on the Vivaldi icon near top-left corner and from the menu select Settings. Alternatively, you can also use the hotkey Ctrl+F12.Disable Vivaldi Automatic Silent Updates
  2. In the Settings window, click on the General category on the left.
  3. Scroll down to find the Updates section and click on the Show Update Settings button.
  4. You can uncheck the checkbox labeled Automatically download and install updates to disable silent updates in Vivaldi. Keeping this checkbox selected enables the silent updates.Disable Vivaldi Automatic Silent Updates

Should I disable automatic updates in Vivaldi?

It is more of a personal choice to enable the automatic updates or update Vivaldi manually. If you enable the silent updates in Vivaldi, you will always have the latest version of Vivaldi without worrying about the updates or downloading them. All of the updates will be installed in the background without any interaction with the user.

On the other hand, if you disable automatic updates, then you will have more control over the updates. You will be able to decide whether you want to update to a minor version or a major version release. You can either download the new version from the Vivaldi website or update through the system tray notifications.