How to Recover Space on USB Drive After Using it for MemTest86

We have previously posted about how we can use MemTest86 to find faulty RAM modules on a computer. These bad RAM sticks can damage other parts of the computer such as the motherboard in addition to making the computer unstable. If you are experiencing frequent program crashes, BSOD screens, file corruptions and other similar problems, then chances are that one or more of your computer’s RAM modules have developed problems.

For using MemTest86 we need a USB flash drive but this reduces the total available memory on that memory stick to only a few hundred megabytes. Fortunately, after using MemTest86 we can restore the memory capacity of that flash drive back to the original full capacity easily.

Here is how you can recover full disk space on the USB flash drive that you used for MemTest86:

  1. Download ImageUSB from Alternatively, you can also download MemTest86 for USB package ( from as it also contains ImageUSB inside it.
  2. Insert the target USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on your Windows PC.
  3. Launch ImageUSB by double-clicking on ImageUSB.exe.
  4. Select the USB drive from the list, choose to Reformat USB Drive and then click on the Reformat button.Reformat USB Drive After Using it for MemTest86
  5. You will be asked for confirmation that you really want to re-format the selected USB flash drive. You have to proceed by clicking on the Yes button.Reformat USB Drive After Using it for MemTest86
  6. It will take a few minutes before the target USB flash drive is reformatted. When it is reformatted, it will disappear from the Windows File Explorer. At the end of the format, you will see a message box – “Reformat Complete”.Reformat USB Drive After Using it for MemTest86
  7. Take the USB drive out from the USB port, wait a few second and then reattach it. The USB flash drive will now appear in the Windows File Explorer with all its capacity restored.