Libre AV Converter : Convert Video File Formats on Windows

Libre AV Converter is a media conversion and recording tool for Windows. It is powered by FFmpeg and supports conversion to and from all the FFmpeg supported media files including the videos and audio files. The people who find it difficult to work with FFmpeg’s command line interface, can use the convenient user interface of Libre AV Converter.

Libre AV Converter offers a very compact user interface. We can begin by adding the media files the list of the source files. If you have a directory full of all the media files, then we can drag-n-drop the entire folder on the Libre AV Converter window in order to add it.

Once you have added the source audio or video files, You can choose the save folder where the output files will be saved. It is important that you pick a file extension as this will determine the output encapsulation. It supports a number of output file formats but unfortunately, we could not find Matroska MKV extension.

Libre AV Converter

FFmpeg is very smart and can figure out the encoding to be used based on the file extension. But you can also customize the conversion configuration if you really want to. After this, you can click on the Convert button to proceed and start the conversion process. A small window appears on your screen displaying the progress.

We found the overall conversion progress to be really slow. We tried using the latest version of FFmpeg (command line) and it finished the job very fast. But when it tried to convert the same file through Libre AV Converter, it was taking a longer time.

Libre AV Converter

Apart from the conversion of audio or video file formats, it can also be used to record videos, broadcast your webcam stream online, rip CD tracks, or record from a device or network.

You can download Libre AV Converter from