How to Share Internet Between Android Devices Using Bluetooth

Everyone knows how to create a WiFi hotspot on the Android devices and share the data with other devices nearby. In the older versions of Android, we had to use an app to create a WiFi hotspot. In the newer versions of Android, the feature is included with the operating system. All the other devices having a WiFi adapter can use the internet using this ad-hoc WiFi hotspot.

But what if WiFi is not an option for any reason. You can still share your internet between two Android devices using Bluetooth. The process is very much the same as with WiFi only this time we are using Bluetooth. Here is how it is done:

  1. First of all have to pair the two Android devices over Bluetooth. For this we have to turn on Bluetooth on both the devices. For this we can pull down the quick menu and tap on the Bluetooth icon.Android : Share Internet via Bluetooth
  2. Next we have to find the nearby Bluetooth devices in the list and pair them. For this, we can long-tap on the Bluetooth icon and look for the other device to appear in the list. Tap on the device and continue to pair them.
  3. Once the devices are paired, we have to tap on the paired device list of Bluetooth devices. Tap on the settings icon and select Internet Access option. This should be done only on the device that is getting shared internet access from the other device.Android : Share Internet via Bluetooth
  4. This is it. Now you can enjoy accessing the internet over the Bluetooth. These steps have to be repeated for all the devices that want the shared internet access.

One big disadvantage of sharing the internet over Bluetooth is that is much slower compared to the WiFi hotspots. But it is just another option when WiFi is not working or is not a possibility.