How to Enable Dark Mode in Sandboxie Plus

We have posted about Sandboxie before on this site when it was still a commercial software. In fact we posted about how to make a program always run inside Sandboxie more than 10 years ago. Many things have changed since then – the software has now become open source and is now available through GitHub. Another change which is more interesting to the developers is that the new version (open-source) now uses Qt libraries for the GUI instead of the old MFC code.

Nevertheless, Sandboxie is as powerful as before and can help is isolate the programs, prevent them from making any harmful changes to the system and keep our computers safe. The open-source fork of Sandboxie is now being called Sandboxie Plus. And now it supports Dark Mode like many other applications. Here is how you can enable the dark mode for Sandboxie Plus:

  1. Launch Sandboxie Plus from its desktop or Start menu shortcut.
  2. In the Sandboxie Plus window, select OptionsGlobal Settings from the menubar.Sandboxie Plus Dark Mode
  3. In the settings window, select General Config from the left side.
  4. Select the checkbox Use Dark Theme in the settings. This checkbox can have three states – unchecked, mixed and checked. When it is unchecked, it enables the light mode. When it is checked, it enabled the dark mode. When it is mixed, it enabled auto-mode which gets the dark mode setting from the operating system settings for dark mode.Sandboxie Plus Dark Mode
  5. You have to exit Sandboxie (by selecting from menubar FileExit) and relaunch it to see the changes.Sandboxie Plus Dark Mode

All the applications are slowly adding a dark mode or dark theme to their user interfaces. Recently Notepad++ introduced a dark mode to its interface. You can read more about enabling dark mode for Notepad++ from our previous post: how to enable dark mode for Notepad++. These dark modes make it easy for us to work when Windows has dark mode enabled or when we are working in darker surroundings.