JosePlayer : Small Minimal Media Player for Windows

JosePlayer is a very minimal and lightweight media player for Windows. It allows the user to quickly capture screenshots and depends on external codecs to play the media.

If you do not want to install the popular media players like VLC or MPC, then you can try this small media player. It comes as a portable program packed inside a ZIP archive. We can extract the contents of the ZIP, and launch JosePlayer.exe from there to fire up this tiny media player.

The user interface of JosePlayer reminds of older programs from the Windows 98 era. Unlike modern media players like VLC, it depends on external codecs to be installed. In the ZIP archive, there is a “GetCodecs.txt” file that actually has the links to download the K-Lite Codecs for Windows. It will not be able to play even MP3 music files without installing K-Lite Codec pack first.


When you play music files, it does not offer anything special and just provides a very minimal media player interface with time line, play/pause and stop buttons. But when you play a video file, you can extra feature to take snapshots. These snapshots can be taken just by clicking on the small camera icon in the JosePlayer window.

All the snapshots are saved in the “My Documents” folder for the currently signed-in Windows user. All the snapshots are saved in the BMP image format and there is no way to change the image file format. However we can change the folder where these snapshots are going to be saved.


JosePlayer makes it very convenient to capture the frames when a video is being played. It is also good for watching movies on your computer. But as a music player it fails sadly since it does not offer support for playlists like M3U or M3U8 files.

You can download JosePlayer from