Jovial Notepad : Portable and Simple Text Editor for Windows

All the versions  of Windows have been coming with a simple text editor called Windows Notepad. Even though we can do so much with Notepad, it still lacks some of the desired features such as encryption and syntax-highlighting. This is why Notepad++ has become so popular because it has finally filled the gap.

However, if you are looking for a small, lightweight and Notepad-like text editor then you can try Jovial Notepad. It is a free text editor that packs some of the most desired features. It is available as a portable application and can be run from a removable external drive.

Jovial Notepad comes with three themes – the default theme which makes it look like Microsoft Windows’ Notepad, Blue theme which makes the menu fonts blue and large and the Green theme which gives the menu fonts the green color. These themes can be selected from the menubar and you have to restart the program to see them in their full glory.

Jovial Notepad

If you want to encrypt the text that you have types, copy-pasted, or opened from a text file, then you have to first select the text and then choose Encrypt from the menubar. Later when you want to decrypt the text, you can repeat a similar process. Both the encryption and decryption require a user supplied key.

It is a syntax-highlighting text editor and the syntax can be quickly selected from the menubar. But it lacks in the variation of the languages supported. It supports only HTML, C#, and SQL which means that web developers are going to find it useful. But people who work with other languages such as PHP or Python will not find anything for their purpose.

Jovial Notepad offers many features but not all of them are yet fully implemented. In general, it is a very minimalist text editor and caters the needs of only a small group of people. On the plus side, it doesn’t tax much of your system resources and is very lightweight.

You can download Jovial Notepad from

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  1. The “themes”, “syntax highlight”, “language” and “quick colours” are all user-customisable and new ones can be added/removed by the users. All are text based user-readable format files.

    One of the useful features of Jovial Notepad is the rich text format (RTF) support. You can copy any image from your browser and paste it in Jovial Notepad.

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