Run SFTP Server on Windows with Titan FTP Server

Titan FTP Server is a feature loaded professional FTP server that allows you to setup your own file server through the popular protocols such as FTP or SFTP. In case, you choose SFTP, you can choose one of SSL certificates to make the connections secure to the server.

After the installation of Titan FTP Server, you have to reboot Windows PC as it installs some services on your Windows PC. After a reboot, you can launch Titan FTP Server from its desktop shortcut and it takes you through a bunch of steps guiding you as it configures your FTP server.

Basically you have to supply the domain name, domain description, data directory and a log directory. The next step included adding users and setting up their default login directories. All the users have their passwords generated automatically. But you can also manually change the user account details along with the login credentials if you wish.

Titan FTP Server

Once your Titan FTP Server is up and running, you can try your FTP server by entering the configured domain name in a web browser that supports FTP access such as Internet Explorer. You can also use an FTP client software such as FileZilla FTP client or WSFTP client software.

If you choose to access the FTP server via Microsoft Internet Explorer, then it actually guides you about how you can access the files from the FTP server directly from the Windows File Explorer.

Titan FTP Server is not free software. It is a commercial FTP server but you can download a trial version that works for 20 days with all the functions operative. With the help of the trial version, you can get a feel of how it works and how you can configure on your Windows server.

You can download Titan FTP Server from