How to Delete Google Account in Just a Few Steps

I had two Google accounts for more than 15 years and I decided to get rid of one of the accounts. When I created these two accounts, I kept one for sharing with friends and another for official things like sending an email to the teacher or the principal. But over the years, they became too difficult to manage and finally I decided to keep only one of the accounts.

Google has made it very easy to download all of your data and then delete the account. If you also have extra Google accounts that you do not really use and want to get rid of them in seconds, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Think seriously, do you really want to delete Google account? Your Google account could be linked to many other things such as your Android phone, so take your time and think it over. Proceed only after you have decided in favor of deleting one of your Google accounts.
  2. Visit in your desktop web browser and login to your Google account.
  3. Select Data & personalization category and  then click on Download your data to download your data prior to deleting your account.Delete Google Account
  4. After this click on Delete a service or your account.
  5. Click on Delete your account from under the category Delete your Google account.Delete Google Account
  6. You will be shown a big list of all the services and data linked to your Google account. All of these will be deleted as soon as you delete your Google account. Go through this list carefully and if you want to stop, you can stop right here.Delete Google Account
  7. If you decide to delete the Google account, select the checkboxes and then click on the Delete account button.Delete Google Account

After taking all of these steps, your Google account and all the related data will be permanently deleted. In the end, you will be shown a message that if you have accidentally deleted your account then you can contact Google account support and verify your identity as soon as possible to restore it. If you make a delay in contacting them, then it is too late and they can no longer recover your account.