RuntimePack Installs All Runtime Libraries on Windows

So many times when we download a new software and launch it, we end up encountering errors such as “The program can’t start because VCRUNTIME150.dll is missing from your computer”. This happens because our Windows PC is lacking the required runtime libraries needed to run that application.

One way to tackle this problem is by installing the Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic and other libraries on the system by downloading their individual packages and installing them manually. But this takes a lot of time in addition to finding the packages on Microsoft’s website.

RuntimePack is able to install all the runtime libraries needed to run applications designed using Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic and MFC. It covers all the libraries that were released since the 90s including Visual Basic 1.0 from 1991. These old libraries may be not be as often needed but if you happen to launch a very old 16-bit program, you will have the runtime libraries for it. Some of these older libraries are very rare and no longer available from the Microsoft’s website.


Installing all the runtimes using the RuntimePack is very easy. All you have to do is download RuntimePack, right-click on its executable and choose Run as administrator. It is going to ask you for confirmation and you can proceed by clicking on the OK button. It keeps installing all the libraries in the background and when it has finished, it closes on its own.


While RuntimePack is a mammoth package of all the required libraries on a typical Windows PC, it does not give the user any options as to which runtimes they want to install. It would have been much better if the user can pick from the runtimes to be installed. For example, how many users are going to install VB runtimes from early 90s? Such runtimes are rarely needed for very very old applications.

You can download RuntimePack from