Back2Life Helps Recover Lost Data on Windows PC

Nobody really want to experience the nightmare when suddenly all the important files disappear from the local storage devices. Reasons for losing data could vary from physical drive failures to software corruption, but if in most of these cases data recovery is a very much possible.

For data recovery, we need special software such as Back2Life which claims to work with all the different types of memory devices such as hard disk drives, solid state drives, pen drives, memory cards, digital cameras and more. According to the developer, it even works with the optical disks such as CD-R and CD-RW which is very impressive. Not many data recovery software can claim to recover data from a CD-R.

In the user interface of Back2Life, it will scan the detected drives on your PC. You can browse through all the drives using an explorer style interface. If you find the files that you were looking for, then you can select them, right-click on them and choose to recover them. We can recover one or more than one files at the same time. It is advised not to put the recovered files on the same partitions as the ones we are recovering from.


Before recovering the files or folders from the target drives, you can also look at their properties and have a preview of the files in order to make sure that they are the files that you were actually looking for. Back2Life offers all these features from an easy to access toolbar.

Back2Life has some limitations as it works only under Windows. It does not provide any bootable media using which we can boot into Linux or Windows PE for the purpose of data recovery. It supports data recovery only from the drives having partition types FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and CDFS. If the memory storage device was formatted on a Mac, then it will not be supported. Similarly RAW partitions are not supported.

You can download Bak2Life from