Poster Print : Print Large Posters on Standard Home Printers

So you found a very high-resolution image from your vacations last year that you really loved so much and want to create a personal poster from it? First of all, you have to buy a commercial printer than can print on very large sheets of paper. But if you do not want to spend a large sum of money on buying a commercial printer, then you can just make your regular desktop printer work.

Problem with desktop printers (whether laser or inkjet) is that they print only on small sheets of paper. For example, the largest paper sheet that can be fed into my Canon printer is A4 size. This means is that your poster can only be of A4 size maximum. But with the help of Poster Print software you can break this boundary in a very clever way.

Poster Print

Poster Print installs a virtual printer on your PC. After you have installed Poster Print on your PC, you can open any image in any image viewer and try to print it. In the print dialog, you have to select “Poster Print” virtual printer. This will open the Poster Print print server dialog from where we can select the size of the paper sheet.

Now this will determine the available paper sheet from your connected printer among other settings before printing the large size poster from your standard printer. You can also choose how the large image is split on to smaller paper sheets and the various possible arrangements.

Poster Print

Poster Print can intelligently pick the arrangement of paper sheets (layouts) that result in the minimum number of paper sheets. After printing is over, you can use glue to join all the papers together and trim them if needed. You will have your large size poster printer at home at the cost of a few pennies.

You can download Poster Print from