Clikka Mouse : Mouse Helper Application for Windows

Clikka Mouse is helper application for the physically disabled people. It can make clicking the mouse buttons easy without the use of actual mouse buttons. The developer has designed it to be very smart so that it detects any mouse cursor movements and offers possible options. With its help, anyone can right-click, left-click, scroll or double-click with relative ease.

Clikka Mouse has to be installed on Windows before it can be used. Immediately after the installation it is ready for use. As soon as it detects any mouse movement, it offers a toolbar with many options. Among these options are – left-click, right-click, left-click and drag, scroll and release the buttons (after dragging).

In the settings for Clikka Mouse, we can make it beep sound whenever it detects no mouse cursor movement and presents its options. We can choose a tolerance level from 0 to 10 which helps the sensitivity of the movement detection. We can select the number of seconds of delay before the Clikka Mouse toolbar is appeared on the screen. There are also options to launch Clikka Mouse at the start of Windows itself.

Clikka Mouse

The Clikka Mouse toolbar is hidden towards the left-side of the screen and is displayed only upon the detection of the no cursor movement. In the settings for the Clikka Mouse we can make it display another bar from the right-side of the screen too. As soon as the cursor rests on the screen for a specified number of the seconds (that we have configured in the settings), it will display the bar on the screen.

Clikka Mouse

Clikka Mouse is completely free and according to the developer it should be used in conjunction with other helper applications such as the ones that allow movement of cursor by observing the movement of the head or the eyes.

You can download Clikka from