WriteYours : Expand Text When Typing in Windows

Work life can quickly become tedious and boring if we have to type the same things over and over again. For example, when we have to add link anchors inside an HTML file, we have to type the same formal things many times. There are some text editors that allow the users to record and type the text snippets in order to save time. Then there are programs such as clipboard managers and macro recorders which allows us to record and playback the same keystrokes.

However, there is a simpler approach to saving time when typing through the use of a freeware called WriteYours. In this program, we can assign several keystrokes to phrases or text snippets. As soon as we type the keystrokes, it will automatically expand them for the associated text snippets. For example, in this program AHREF has been assigned to <A HREF=””></A> which means when we type AHREF, it will automatically expand to <A HREF=””></A>.


WriteYours comes with many text snippets already put in and many of these are extremely useful. But you can add your own phrases and associate them with keystrokes of your own choice. The keystrokes can be case-sensitive if desired. The action with each keystrokes can be either replace or add. When the action is replace, it will replace the keystrokes with the phrase.

After the phrase text has been added or inserted in the text editor, you can also choose where the text carot is to be placed. This is from where you will begin typing. This makes it very convenient to begin typing as soon as the phrase has been added.

WriteYours is a very convenient text expander for Windows. It really helps the users who have to type a lot of things on a regularly basis such as bloggers, coders and documentars.

You can download WriteYours from http://amlpages.com/writeyours.shtml.