Digimizer : Image Analysis Software for Windows

Digimizer is an image analysis application for Windows. It can be used to measure objects shown in an image to a very precise degree automatically. For example, we can open an image of a plant leaf and it can calculate the dimensions of the leaf automatically including its perimeter and area.

Digimizer is used mainly by specialists who want to analyze image objects for their dimensions and various other calculations. It can open many image file types such as JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, WMF, EMF, DICOM etc. It can use pictures that are microfilms or X-rays. We can manipulate images using tools such as rotation, smoothing, sharpening, etc. We can change the brightness and contrast of the images too.

The software comes with support for scanners which means that we can scan the objects directly using a flatbed scanner and it can save them as images on your computer.


The first step involved with accurate measurement of the objects inside an image is setting up the scale. For this you can measure a known object (for which you know the actual length) and set that measurement to be the known number of units.

After this everything becomes easy. For automatic measurements, we can binarize the image. Once the binarization is complete, we can analyze the objects and proceed to calculation. We can calculate the area of the objects as well as their perimeter. It gives accurate and fast calculation without having to wait which is something that is not possible with manual calculation.

Even though the software is designed for the Windows PC, it can also be run on a Mac using Windows emulators such as Parallels or Bootcamp. It does not require any special hardware and can be run on any ordinary computer having a decent CPU and RAM.

You can download Digimizer from https://www.digimizer.com/.