Never Forget Birthday Anniversaries with JBirthdays

If your wife or girlfriend gets mad at you every year because you always forget her birthday, then JBirthdays is the software for you. This software is designed to keep track of all the birthdays of your relatives, friends and coworkers. It will remind you of incoming birthdays in advance so that you can prepare for the gifts, cards and cakes in time.

JBirthdays is a Java based application which means that you have to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your computer before it can be used. After the installation, JBirthdays will launch JRE download page in your web browser but you can also download it yourself from

You can launch JBirthdays and start adding all the birthdays from under the Persons tab. Basically, you have to type in the name of the person and click on the Add button. You have supply the date of birth, full name and any notes for that person. You can add as many persons as you want. In the list of the persons, you can see the full name, age, date of birth, and any notes.


From under the Dates tab, you will be informed about all the birthdays that fall today, that are coming within next seven days, and that have already passed in past three days. If the birthdays have already passed, then you can still call the person and wish them happy birthday. It also gives you a week to prepare for a surprise party.


From under the Tools section, we can export the whole database containing all the birthdays that we have added to a file. This can be used as a backup file or for use in other database applications. We can also export the whole database containing all the birthdays into iCal compatible file which can be used in calendar apps such as Google Calendar. Similarly, we can import the files that have been previously created.


JBirthdays is a really useful application for management of all the birthday anniversaries of all the people you know. It can also export the data into Google Calendar and works on all computers where JRE is installed.

You can download JBirthdays from