Extract Audio Streams from Video Files with Free Rip Audio

There are movies and music videos that have such impressive conversations or background music that we want to listen to it all the time. With the help of a freeware Free Rip Audio, we can extract the audio stream from video files easily and save them as MP3 or WMA audio files. These audio files are compatible with all sorts of music players and can even be set as ringtones in your phones.

Free Rip Audio comes with a very basic single-window user interface. All the features that it offers are available from under the same window. First of all we have to add all the video files by clicking on the small plus icon in the toolbar and selecting the video files from the local hard drive.

Free Rip Audio

Once the files have been added, we can have a look at the settings because these will determine the type of audio files it is going to create. In the settings, we can choose the target audio file to be either of MP3 or WMA type. Depending on the audio file format selected, we can choose further settings such as the bitrate, sample rate and audio channels.

Free Rip Audio

Clicking on the Render button initiates the extraction and conversion process. If the audio stream inside the video file is available in the MP3 or WMA format, even then it is extracted and then re-encoded based on the settings placed in the Free Rip Audio program by the user.

In the background, Free Rip Audio uses libraries from the open-source FFmpeg project which ensures very high quality output of the audio files. It also means that the whole process takes a very short time. Free Rip Audio makes it very simple for anyone to extract audio stream from any video file. However, it lacks the options to select the time interval within the video files from which the audio stream has to be extracted.

You can download Free Rip Audio from https://www.makeyoutubevideo.com/freeripaudio.html.