How to Install Plugins for FAR Manager on Windows

FAR Manager is an advanced file manager for Windows operating systems. It can also work with the archives and allows you to pack and unpack files easily. It works in the text-mode and shows a user interface that resembles the old file managers from the DOS era. The simple user interface makes it easy to manage the files, view their contents and carry out the various file operations such as copying, moving or deleting.

FAR Manager is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows. It comes both in an installer and as a portable application format. We can add more features in the FAR Manager using the plugins that can be installed. In fact, it comes with with a few plugins already installed. But if you want to install more plugins, you can follow these steps:

  1. First if all you have to download the plugins for FAR Manager which you can find on There are all sorts of plugins that are divided under various categories. These plugins are available in the ZIP file formats. For example, we downloaded Calculator plugin for FAR Manager.
  2. Find the FAR Manager installation folder. This is where the FAR.exe program is located. In our case, we are using the portable version of FAR Manager which is located in D:\FAR. Open the Plugins sub-folder inside the FAR installation directory. In our case, it is D:\FAR\Plugins.
  3. Create a directory inside the Plugins folder and name it something related to the new plugin. In our case, we created a folder D:\FAR\Plugins\Calculator.Install Plugins in FAR Manager
  4. Extract all the files from the downloaded ZIP plugin file into the folder created in step 3.
  5. Close FAR Manager if it is running and launch it again. Now you can see the new plugin in the plugins list by pressing the F11 button.Install Plugins in FAR Manager

This is the way we can install other plugins as well. There are many other useful plugins that can add many more features to FAR Manager.