How to Completely Remove ZoneAlarm Products from PC

ZoneAlarm has been offering great security software for more than a decade. Personally, I have been using ZoneAlarm Firewall for more than 10 years on my Windows computers. And when they offers free antivirus with ZoneAlarm Firewall, I upgraded to their ZoneAlarm Security to enhance the overall protection against all kinds of online threats whether it is malware infection or intrusion into the system.

When I upgraded from the free version of ZoneAlarm Firewall and Antivirus to the paid subscription version of ZoneAlarm Security, I wanted to make it work right. So I first uninstalled the product, rebooted the computer and then tried to install the new software. But because of some left over entries the installer got stuck in the middle.

For situations like this ZonaAlarm  offers an uninstaller utility called ZonaAlarm Clean. Using this Clean utility, we can completely remove all the ZoneAlarm products installed from a PC. However, this utility should not be used as a replacement for the regular uninstaller. It should be used only when the regular uninstaller fails. It can also be used when the regular uninstallation goes through okay but still leaves behind some files and registry entries.

ZonaAlarm Clean Utility

The Clean utility comes in form a small portable program called Clean.exe. You can double-click on this tool to run it. It will scan your system, find the ZoneAlarm software that was installed or is still installed on your system. Aftr this it will ask you for confirmation whether you want to remove the detected ZoneAlarm products. When you click on Yes it will proceed to remove the detected products.

ZonaAlarm Clean Utility

After it has done removing all the registry entries and files related to the ZoneAlarm products, it will ask you to reboot your system. After your system has restarted, you should have no remnants left over from any of the ZoneAlarm products.

At this stage, you can download a fresh copy of ZonaAlarm security software from their website and install it on your PC. They offer both the free and paid versions of the security products such as ZonaAlarm Firewall and Antivirus, ZonaAlarm Extreme Security, ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware and more.

You can download the ZonaAlarm Clean utility from