How to Generate Software or Hardware Reports with AIDA64

AIDA64 is a popular system information software for Windows. It also comes with many system diagnostics and benchmark tools. We can quickly find all the details about our system hardware using this program. We can use this software for stress testing a new hardware configuration, or for running benchmarks on newly added hardware. It can also be used as sensor monitoring application to see how temperature is rising after you have made changes to your system. We can also generate system reports using AIDA64.

Here is how easy it is to generate software or hardware reports using AIDA64:

  1. First of all download and install AIDA64 Extreme from
  2. Launch AIDA64 Extreme and click on the Report button in the toolbar.Generare Hardware Reports with AIDA64
  3. You have to decide whether you want to include everything in the report, only system summary, only hardware related pages, only software related pages, only benchmark pages or custom pages. We choose custom pages and click on the Next button.Generare Hardware Reports with AIDA64
  4. We select the sections that we want to include in the report. For example, if we want to include Motherboard related data, then we select Motherboard from the list. If we want to include information about Windows, then we select Operating System and so on. We can select one or more items in the report.Generare Hardware Reports with AIDA64
  5. Now we have to choose the report format which can be HTML, MHTML or TXT format. The plain text format is much easier to store, transfer or print.Generare Hardware Reports with AIDA64
  6. A report will be generated and displayed on your screen. You can save it to a file on your local storage drive, email it to a friend, submit it to FinalWire, or print it on a connected printer.Generare Hardware Reports with AIDA64

This is how easy it is to create hardware or software report for your computer using AIDA64 Extreme. One thing you should remember that if you are using a trial version of AIDA64, then it will omit some details from the report and display “Trial Version” instead. For example, instead of displaying the serial number of a RAM module, it will display “Trial Version”.