Ashampoo HDD Control : Manage Hard Drives on Windows

Ashampoo HDD Control is a hard disk drive monitoring and management software. It offers many useful tools to keep the local storage healthy, clutter free and performing at their best. It is essential for anyone who wants to get peak performance from their hard drives.

Hard disk drive information

It can use the SMART data and the sensors built inside the hard drives to find out whether the drives are healthy and if there are any problems with the drives. In its modern user interface, it provides us with the basic information about all the detected hard drives such as the serial number, model, manufacturer, firmware, capacity, cache etc. This information can be immensely useful when we are trying to find replacement hard drives. We can run benchmarks and other tests on these hard drives too.

Maintenance tools

For the maintenance, it offers three different tools to defrag and clean the hard drive. Using the defrag tool, we can place files in continuous locations on the hard drive instead of many different places. This can make your drive work faster.

It comes with drive cleaner and internet cleaner both of which can find redundant files on your hard drive and remove them. These tools can easily recover the hard drive space that was other wise lost to these junk files.

Ashampoo HDD Control

Overview tools

There are some tools for taking a brief look at how files and folders are organized on your hard drive. There are two tools for this purpose – disk space explorer and duplicate finder. Disk space explorer shows you which folders and files are taking the largest space on the drive. Duplicate finder can find identical or similar files residing on the hard drive.

Ashampoo HDD Control

Security tools

Ashampoo HDD Control comes with some security related tools – one for erasing files irrecoverably and another for recovering deleted files. The File Wiper tool can destroy the contents of the selected files before deleting them so that they can never be recovered. The Undeleter, as the name suggests, can recover files that have been previously accidentally deleted from the hard drive.


All in all, Ashampoo HDD Control offers a good collection of powerful tools to manage and maintain your hard disk drives. These tools can help you keep your drives problem free and working at their full performance. However, the software has no support for the new solid state drives.

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